Hello I'm

Anwar Hussain

— Software Developer & No-Code Maker

About Me

I started my career as a data-entry & web researcher on various online marketplaces, switched to SEO within a couple of months but didn't settle for that. I taught myself HTML & CSS and found a deep interest in it. Worked with plenty of clients to convert their PSD into HTML-CSS. The problem with freelance marketplaces is you have to spend a lot of time searching for new jobs, that was a huge barrier for my skill development, so I decided to switch to Envato Marketplace where I would develop HTML templates partnering with fellow designers.

Along the way, I taught myself JavaScript, and a lot of other tools such as gulp, grunt, LESS, Sass, Bootstrap, bower, npm to name a few. Two years later I joined an awesome company as a JavaScript developer in my home city. There I got to learn a lot of things in my arena of work. After another one and half year, I looked for a better opportunity abroad and moved to Saudi Arabia.

Currently, I am working with JavaScript as my primary language, learning Golang, and other tools such as AWS, Kubernetes, containerized architecture! Also, I am building a No-Code tool for non-developers which helps them to create websites effortlessly without writing any code! Every day at work or on side-projects I work with React, Redux, Node.js, GraphQL

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Find me almost everywhere with @getanwar handle